Some look fondly back on their hobbies, others cherish the hobbies of the ones they care about. Others...

I should probably state my plans for updates with this comic. Normally I'd aim for everyone Monday with this comic, but sometimes I'm gonna want to just go with working on my overindulgent furry comic for a week, mostly when I feel like it. I'll still be working on both comics at the same time, but in general I'm aiming for 3-4 InkBolt updates over the course of the month.

I'll work on Work Sucks when I feel up to it or just have to do an idea. For example, I'm doing a long overdue Halloween comic idea that sort of just popped up. Thankfully I'm a couple pages ahead in both InkBolt and that comic, and it feels pretty nice to have something less structured to work on outside of this comic.

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