Bout 2: Pies and Pain
That cat has one heck of an aim, one heck of an arm, and one HECK of a throw.

The good, hopeful, news is that my overtime should be coming to an end after this week, which means I will probably stop feeling so drained and feel back to drawing a bit more for myself (and others!) on the side when I'm not drawing comics.

It's good to take care of yourself and rest even when things feel so hectic. I know at my last job I did a ton of OT and did a ton of late night drawing comics, and from personal experiences, that's a fast way to really wear yourself down. It's not healthy.

Oh, and speaking of comics I drew at my last job, next week I'll probably be uploading a page of my more furry webcomic, since it's been a while since I returned to that, as a way to unwind a bit.

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