Quitting Time
Well of course my new comic would have some sort of job or work in it, and lucky for Tomás he can just bolt when he wants.

Oh... hey! InkBolt's updating again, and now I'm doing this the right way. I have a buffer set, and more importantly, a lot more planned out after a much needed self-reboot. So I'll still be working on and streaming future pages, but they may be a few weeks ahead.

Queso_Ok joins me in working on InkBolt as the tone/colorist for the comic, and a tremendous thanks for his assistance! Quill Sparks made some much needed updates to the website's code, and everything is good to go.

Aiming to update every week on Monday(ish) and update the site as needed, add links to comics I like, and for once, update the cast page when appropriate. Follow on Twitter, Tumblr, or Facebook for updates as well.

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