About the Comic

InkBolt is about toons, and toons punching toons! Actually, it's about humans living in a city of toons, having to live alongside them although they have no idea how they got there. Some time has passed and some have acclimated. Some humans cause trouble, and toons are increasingly aggressive towards humans. It starts to come to a boil as more powerful toons start showing up to cause further trouble, but luckily for the humans, a new protector has shown up.

What's an InkBolt?

InkBolt is he name of a new wolf in the city, who's slowly getting the reputation for sticking up for and fighting on behalf of the humans. He's a big inflatable wolf of sorts, even has an air valve over his heart, and huffs and puffs to power up and bulk up his body. But unknown to many (though he isn't trying too hard to keep it a secret) InkBolt is the toon form of a human living in the city.

About the Author/Artist

InkBolt was created by Kaz because he wanted to see a bunch of toons beat each other up, and try his hands at a new webcomic project he's been thinking about for a while. He's always loved action shows/comics and a lot of what will be in this comic is inspired by the things he was obsessed with growing up. He can be reached here.

About the Coder

Quill Sparks is a very talented coder who put together the entire website from just a single image of what Kaz wanted the website to look like. He can be reached here.

What's the Website Rated?

This one's tough to tackle, as the art style is cartoony and stylized, and it's probably not going to be too heavy on the language nor contain a lot of outright sexual content, but I think I have a good way to put this. InkBolt's made by an adult who wants to see all the things he likes and it's going to have a lot of toony violence and concepts. The goal's not to make a family friendly comic. Hope that helps!

InkBolt and all related concepts, designs, characters, etc. created by Kaz Jester
InkBolt website coding and functionality created by Quill Sparks
All Rights Reserved, 2016